Friday, October 2, 2009

Why did I become vegan...for Kensington

Everyone has a reason for why the became vegan or what lead them there. Mine is a very personal story that I do not always share with people who ask. My original reasons for turning vegetarian was because of the literature I began to read about the slaughterhouses, the transportation of animals, the torture and misery that these animals lead. My reason for veganism however is Kensington the cat. His story brings tears to my eyes and I will not repeat it. His story has nothing to do with the food that I eat but has everything to do with how people treat animals. He is the reason that I am vegan because I want to personally ensure that his suffering brought along change. If you are not the type that is weak of heart you can google is story. I will warn you it is painful.
I just celebrated my 5th year of Veganism in August. Each day I keep Kensington is in my thoughts and he is always in my heart.

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Susan said...

It just brings tears to my eyes that people can treat animals in such a horrific manner. We have had several terrible cases of animal cruelty here of late, and I just cannot understand how anyone could think that it is OK. I also don't understand how they only ever seem to get a slap on the wrist from the legal system.