Monday, December 22, 2008

Vegan Christmas #4...2008

Vegan Christmas...2008. I thought this year's Christmas on my side of the family went well this year. I was called away to a birth(I am a doula!) on Sunday and ended up being there for 23 hours which through a little kink into my plans. Good thing I had a little notice on Saturday so I made the seitan "turkey" roast then and pre-cut all of my veggies (chopped onions and celery, cleaned green beans, minced garlic etc.). So when it came to putting the dinner together Monday afternoon everything went smoothly because of all the prep I had done. Even though 8 people were suppose to come to this dinner it only ended up being my parents, my husband and I which was nice.
I had planned on making more but since it only ended up being the 4 of us I cut it back a bit. The main course was the seitan "turkey" roast (recipe by Bryanna Clark Grogan) and the Cashew Nut Roast (from Veg Times), on the side we had homemade cranberry sauce and gravy with chestnut stuffing, Green Bean Casserole (Fat Free Vegan Blog) and roasted potatoes and onions in a maple syrup/dijon glaze (Vegan with a Vengeance). Everything tasted amazing and it tasted like the holidays :)

Everything on my plate.
Close up of the roast, stuffing and cranberry sauce.
Close up of the Cashew Nut roast, green bean casserole and potatoes.

Mmmmm....dessert. I had planned on making a caramel cake but due to a change in events I did not have enough time. Lucky me though because I had premade these Nanaimo Bars(see previous post for pictures of these) and my mom brought a sugar pie!
Christmas was a success and it was so nice spending time with my parents and family. I love them all!

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Zucchini Breath said...

YUM! The nut dish with the eggplants on top looks wonderful!

Thanks for the great photos, they all look good

Happy holidays!