Friday, May 7, 2010

My trip to Calgary...Part 2 The Adventure!

During my visit to Calgary I was treated to a mini-vacation within my vacation when my awesome friend took me to the Fairmont Hot Springs in Radium, BC. The drive was only about 3 hours from Calgary and it was so scenic, peaceful and beautiful!

I snapped this picture because I thought it looked neat driving through the mountains. When I got home and showed it to my husband he started laughing until I looked at the picture you see it? A crosswalk in the middle of the mountains?! I am not sure who would be risking their life to cross between 2 blind corners but obviously someone thought it was necessary to put a crosswalk in the middle of nowhere!

Here is a picture of our resort and private Hot Springs pool for guests only.

The public pool in the morning. You can see the beautiful steam rising from the very warm and soothing waters.

We saw a lot of wildlife on the trip up and in Radium. Lots of elk, deer and mountain goats.

This was a sign posted on the resort doors. Thankfully we did not see the cougar or her cub. We did see the following kitty but it proved to be harmless :)...

Thank you Audra for an amazing getaway in the mountains. This trip really made me miss living in Calgary and being so close to nature. We really do not get the same scenery or fresh air while living in the prairies of Manitoba.

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