Monday, July 14, 2008

I now have Monday nights off!

So Monday night is now yoga night for me. Due to my brother's inspiration I thought I would give yoga a try. When I found someone who teaches it within a 10 minute walk from our house I thought it could not be more perfect. I love it so far. The instructor is amazing and I feel so stretched out afterwards. Plus I sleep like a baby on monday nights. So, monday nights is also the night that DH is going to cook (well make something for supper at least). I told him that as long as it was a balance of carbs, protein and fruit/veggies I would be happy.

Tonight's dinner consisted of a peanut butter, jam and banana sandwich on rye bread with carrots and 1 olive. It was pretty cute when I came home and the presentation of the plates spelled out my name (CĂ©line). I was still a little full after the meal but A for effort and plate presentation for sure. Cannot wait to see what will be for dinner next monday :)