Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mac and Cheeze and Edamame

I made the recipe for Mac and Cheeze from June's issue of Vegetarian Times. The recipe comes from Vita Café in Portland, Oregon. I was lucky enough to visit this restaurant many times when I was in Portland for 5 weeks this time last year. I really miss Portland with its friendly people and amazing veg restaurants. Sigh...maybe some day I can go back again. The recipe was super easy to make and I added some edamame beans for veggies and a breadstick. Overall I easy, quick and good meal. I froze half of the cheeze sauce so I will see how it stands up to freezing, defrosting and reheating.

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Erin said...

A very nice meal. I freeze a tofu-based cheesy sauce and it thaws just fine, hope yours does too.