Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5: Jerusalem Bowl and Sushi

In celebration of having a very successful week at hot yoga I treated myself to a Rice Bowl from the Calm Unity Cafe which can be found in Moksha Yoga on Waverley street. I definitely made an excellent choice with going with their Jerusalem Bowl. I brought my own dish and they loaded it with brown jasmine rice, grilled falafel, parsley, red cabbage, celery, avocado and an amazing Tahini sauce. It was so beautiful and tasted amazing! It took all I had to resist buying one of their yummy looking desserts!
For supper we had leftover rice wraps from last night and a few pieces of avocado sushi. Unfortunately the organic soy sauce I bought was way to salty to be paired up with this sushi but the wasabi I whipped up tasted amazing on top of these little beauties.


Serena said...

Looks amazing!!!!

You can cut the soy with some water or even seaweed stock and it will taste great! our favorite sushu place does that :)

KittyPaws said...

Good thinking. Thanks Serena. I tried a different type of soy sauce (Japanese organic type).