Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!

What an amazing Thanksgiving 2008 dinner with my family. My mom cooked most of it so deserves all of the credit. For appetizers we started off with cream cheeze and asparagus wrapped in spelt filo dough. They were perfect for starters.
Then came the leak and potato soup. Very delicious.
Spinach salad with roasted pears and almonds and hazelnuts.
Homemade seitan ham (recipe from Bryanna Clark Grogan), steamed potatoes, turnips, sweet potato and my favourite Brussel Sprouts! I made the stuffing, the homemade cranberry sauce and the foccacia bread (Veganomicon)
For dessert.... a rich, delicious chocolate cake made by the amazing people down at Mondragon! We all left stuffed and happy. We could be thankful that no animals had to suffer for our tasty meal.

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Agnes said...

oh how nice!! can i have this for christmas too? Happy Birthday my love!!