Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tempeh Cabbage Rolls

I was craving cabbage rolls the other day and have never really made them so I searched for a recipe in the books I had and found one that looked appealing in Vegan Planet. They are Tomato-Simmered Cabbage Packets Stuffed with Barley and Tempeh to be exact. Lessons I learned with this recipe:
1)Choose a smaller cabbage head for the leaves because a large one has leaves that are too tough and large to use
2)Use a nice flavourful sauce for these to be cooked it.

All in all I was quite disappointed with this outcome. The sauce was way too watery, the cabbage rolls were too big and the leaves were still tough (even though I steamed the cabbage before wrapping the rolls). The filling was nice though, the combination of tempeh and barley was perfect.

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