Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Dinner at Mondragon

We celebrated part of our Valentine's Day last night by visiting our favourite vegan restaurant...Mondragon. They did the catering for our wedding and the food is always great. So it was a 5 course meal and I just thought I would share this pictures and descriptions with you guys. I was blown away and impressed (plus it was nice to not have to cook for one evening). It was pretty pricey but it was all organic and mostly fair trade and we rarely get the opportunity to do this so I cannot complain. On with the meal...

~Course One~ Amuse Bouche
A mango coconut crystal mouse with minted salt and red chilli accent
~Course Two~ Soup
Coconut Pumpkin Soup marked by coriander oil, with galangal and lemon grass

~Course Three~ Appetizer and Salad
Green papaya and starfruit salad sparkled with key lime and chili. Local organic edamame with himalayan sea salt and raw black sesame saffron lotus root pickle.

~Course Four~Main
Thai red curry accompaied by black and red jasmine rice and baby flowering chinese greens with choise of sesame crusted oyster mushroom and mastutake pan fried ginger or tofu and pineapple skewers served with torn basil, mint, and toasted cashews

~Course Five~Dessert
Fair trade chocolate truffle lolliop, compassionate hot chocolate and apple chantilly.
It was all so freakin amazing!
Plus there is more to follow tonight...with a surprise from DH so I cannot wait.

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