Sunday, June 1, 2008

Veggie Burgers and Baked Potato

In my quest to find that perfect veggie burger I stumbled on a recipe from a blog entitled Vegan Dad where he has a recipe for the Perfect Tempeh Burgers I have heard nothing but reviews about the burger so I decided to give it a shot tonight since I had a package of tempeh lying around waiting to be used up in the fridge. I love these burgers. They are super simple to make, cook extremely quickly and have a great taste. The next test will be to see if they fair well on the b-b-q but I am sure they will.
On the whole wheat bun we added lettuce, tomato, pickle, HP sauce, mustard, guacamole and a mixture of tahini and miso (try it! it has a nice rich smoky taste like a bitter cheeze). I made baked potatoes with salsa on the side. This recipe is a keeper.

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