Thursday, April 24, 2008

Leftover Tacos and Cupcakes

We had leftover tacos for dinner tonight (please see previous post if you need pictures to remind you of what they look like). I also made this today for an AGM I am planning to attend tonight. I do not usually frost my cupcakes but people always complain and say they are not cupcakes if you do not frost them...they are muffins. So I decided to try out a few recipes by Kittee. These are her chocolate cupcakes . I also frosted them with her beet frosting. I love the idea of this beet frosting since you only use a little bit of beet juice to colour the frosting and no nasty colouring agents. You cannot taste the beet at all in the end product. Overall I really enjoyed them. They sat in the fridge for a while so they got kind of hard and did not stay as moist as other cupcakes I made but the chocolate flavour was very rich and the frosting very sweet.

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Starrlight said...

Those cupcakes were so good that on our way out of the meeting my daughter swiped a second one.. thanks so much!