Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vegan Christmas 2008: Recipe Testing Part 2

Tonight I continued with Part 2 of Christmas Recipe testing. This recipe is a Seitan Roulade and Chestnut Stuffing from Vegan Yum-Yum's blog. First of all I have to say I love this blog and it has so many amazing recipes. When I saw this one I thought it would be a perfect main course for Christmas. The recipe was super easy to follow. Although for the gluten I only ended up adding about 2 cups of broth since it would not absorb the rest of it. It tasted great and this is now going to be my go to stuffing recipe.
I have never cooked with chestnuts before, I cannot even remember if I have ever had one before. I saw fresh ones in the store over the weekend so I bought a few to try out here. I roasted them and then peeled them and chopped them up.
The only thing I think I did wrong with this recipe is when I pan fried my gluten pieces I fried them too long which in turn made them too crispy and chewy when they got out of the oven. I will have to remember only to brown them lightly on a cooler flame.
The end verdict is the stuffing is defenitely in and if I can practice with the roulades again before Christmas they may be in as well.
Next week I will move in to the baking sections...

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