Monday, March 3, 2008

Mushroom Soup and Chick'n Breasts Wrap

I was reading someone else's blog who raved about the new chick'n breasts from superstore so I had to try them out. Pretty good deal at 8 large pieces for 9.99. I really liked them. I fried them up in the pan with a little water, sliced them and served them in a wrap with lettuce, tomatoes, cheeze and some random salad dressing. The second thing I made was this amazing Slow Cooker "cream" of Mushroom Soup. I based it on the recipe taken from the blog of "Kitchen Ramblings from a Fairly Odd Tofu Mom". I bought a tray of mixed mushrooms (portabellos, shitakes, white button, crimini and oyster. I pulsed the entire package in the food processor. Sauteed them with diced onions and minced garlic for about 5 minutes. Put boiling "beef" broth into the slow cooker and added the veggie mixture. Let is cook for 3 hours on high. Then mixed in the "sour cream" mixture. It was diving tasting to me. Tastes just like how I remember cream of mushroom soup tasting. This was my first time buying tofutti brand "sour cream" because I usually make my own and I think next time I make this soup I will try omitting it.

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